God of Holiness And The Law

Leviticus 1:1-9

For the people of Israel, the law was the means by which they knew and accessed God. Though very particular and costly in its expectations, their obedience to it enabled them to participate in relationship with YHWH. This call to holiness was fundamentally relational at its core, not just a list of "to do's" done out of obligation. Obedience was participation in a life with the God who called them into existence.

If we imagine the idea of sacrifice and obedience as a kind of "giving toward" rather than a "giving up," -a life that is more full and offers the possibility of participation beyond ourselves- we can then imagine how the law speaks to us today. While Christ did come and pay the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, it is not an excuse to live a life of passivity. As Christ's life and very existence was for the other, so our lives must be a continual giving toward those around us...for the other.

Leviticus is a call to move from the conceptual to a concrete experience, from an idea to a living out, from rituals to a life of worship.

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Preached On: July 13th, 2010