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Racism Video

An inhouse video produced as a response to 'homework' in processing issues of race, racism, and racialization.

The initial faith and race discussion began in the Spring of 2004, built upon the desire of staff and lay people at Quest Church to study, reflect, and think through the socially systemic problem of race, its social construction, and the long history of racialization in the United States and in the church.  We believe that as the People of God, we are commanded to address the systemic and personal evils of racism that permeate our lives, our churches, and our society.  As individual Christians and as the church, we are searching to both build a biblical/theological foundation for conversation and to reflect together on how we must intervene in such areas.

As an annual depth class, our goal is to continue the dialog, study, and active involvement in the issue that began four years ago.  We hope to explore the myriad of topics surrounding faith and race, hear from people with varying perspectives and experiences, and inform, build upon, and challenge our faith-based framework and daily relations with the larger society around us.

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