Quest Foundations

The Foundations at Quest Church focus upon granting the initial start up funding to new global and local initiatives.  Birthed from the generosity of the Quest community, our hope and vision is to empower members at Quest to be the hands and feet of Christ’s grace and love in the world.

Quest Foundations: It's about us being church together for the world.

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Global Presence Foundation

ChamwinoThe Global Presence Foundation exists to empower Questers with vision to do God’s work in the larger world.  Initiatives should be locally grounded and connected to their home communities, prioritizing local leadership and direction.  Past projects have included wells for clean water and educational facilities in Chamwino, Tanzania.  This fund is administered by the Elder Board, contact Pastor Ray with specific questions:

Church Planting Foundation

BaptismGoing into all the world to make disciples can’t come only from our cozy Interbay location.  The Churchplanting Foundation is set aside to provide start up funds for new churchplants birthed out of the Quest Community.  In the past, the churchplanting fund has benefited the Karen Churchplant in Kent, and Missio Dei in Bellingham, planted by Quest members Wayne and Ashley Park.  This fund is administered by the Elder Board (

Community Development Foundation

NicklesvilleWhat does it mean for us to be the church in a city like Seattle?  We have a few ideas, but we’re sure you have more! Join us in becoming the hands and feet of compassion in applying for funds to carry out local initiatives.  From feeding the hungry, providing job training at a local shelter, or collecting school supplies for foster children, if you can dream it, we can do it together!  This fund is administered by the Elder Board, contact Pastor Ray with specific questions:

Future Investment Fund

Fixing up the Children's SpacePreparing for the future of our church involves wisdom and planning.  We set aside a portion of regular giving for the Future Investment Fund, anticipating needs beyond our regular building maintenance such as putting on a new roof, renovating our children’s space, or enlarging the church sanctuary.  In the past few years, we have benefited from a nursery remodel, and could also utilize these funds if we needed to purchase new property.  This fund is administered by the Elder Board (