QJC Care Center


For the past eight years, through the ministry of To the Streets, we've been serving our friends in Ballard who have no home or shelter. The beat we've always moved to is the desire to be a presence, build relationships, and be a source of encouragement and love.

Over these years we've met with 30-70 men and women every month. It has been beautiful to be part of relationships unfolding. Yet we are reminded at each meeting that the need remains great. So it is time once again to dream as to how we can deepen our support, our care, our encouragement. The need for advocacy and case-management resources to the men and women we serve is important and offers us the opportunity to journey alongside people in deep and meaningful ways that intersect with their needs and stories.


In early 2011 we plan to launch a care center in our area that will serve those who are without housing or dealing with low income.

Features of this care center include:

  • Mail center: providing homeless with an address at which to receive important documents and letters, and to provide potential employers
  • Computer center: clients can schedule time to check email, conduct job searches, correspond, and develop resumes
  • Case management/counseling: offering more in-depth advocacy the case manager assists clients in seeking housing/shelter, food, and other resources around the area
  • Resource distribution: supplying bus cards, blankets, food, and clothing to clients

The following is an estimated budget for 2011, for which we have already raised the funds:  

  • Staffing: $15,000 (for 20-hour case manager)
  • Facility rental: $14,400 (space for $1,200 per month)
  • Resources: $10,000 (blankets, coats, ID support, rental assistance, and utility shut-off assistance)
  • Conditional/discretionary provisions: $4,600

Total: $50,000

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Great news!  We found an office space in Ballard-- just blocks from where we serve the To the Streets distribution!  Over the next few weeks we'll be conducting work parties to clean, paint and refresh the space.  The address of the works parties is:

1516 Northwest 51st Street
Seattle, WA 98107-4734

The works parties will be held at the following dates and times.  To sign up for a work party please email Pastor DeAnza at deanza[at]seattlequest.org.

January 4th (Tuesday) 7-10pm

January 6th (Thursday) 7-10pm

January 8th (Saturday) 10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm

January 11th (Tuesday) 7-10pm

January 13th (Thursday) 7-10pm

January 15th (Saturday) 10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm

Want to learn more about our hopes and strategy for this project? Click here to learn more about the Care Center.